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Holistic Medicine and Physiatry

Optimal Health & Transformation through Medical Science & Art


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What Is Holistic Medicine, Optimal Health & Physiatry

     Holistic Medicine or “Integrative Medicine” combines conventional modern medicine with traditional ancient medicine.

     Most diseases of modern humanity can not be diagnosed by a simple blood test or treated by a single drug. Today’s mainstream emphasis on drugs and surgery forget that 80% of current dis-ease and medical care is related to stress and lifestyle.  Genes only account for 20% of disease, at most.  Identical twins can have opposite health profiles based on lifestyle and epigenetic modification*.

     Dr. Cheikin uses a unique multi-dimensional evaluation and treatment to search for and solve the root causes of ill-ness.  Evaluation includes traditional history, physical exam and diagnostic tests coupled with detailed exploration of history, emotional, nutritional, spiritual and energetic realms.

     While “health” simply means the absence of pathology, Optimal Health refers to a condition of wellness or fitness, with the capacity to handle stressors (such as infections, losses and traumas) and to live a long, creative, loving, energetic love without medications or disability.

     Physiatry, also called “Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation” or “Rehabilitation Medicine” is a specialty of medicine that works with the whole person, his/her family, employer and others to restore and improve functioning. 

* Epigenes are molecules that modulate gene expression and are passed from generation to generation; if the genes are the hardware, the epigenes are the software.  The health and stressors of a parent affects their child, grandchild and later generations apart from the genes themselves.

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